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Our previous study indicated that orientase (a commercial protease derived from Bacillus subtillus) effectively released ACE-inhibitory peptides from tuna cooking juice protein and exhibited a.

Saponified orange juice residue loaded Sm(III)(Sm-SOJR) 5 1.22 [2] Saponified orange juice residue loaded Ho(III)(Ho-SOJR) 5 0.92 [2] Amberlite resin 7 3.286 [16] Granular red mud 4.7 0.470 [55].

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Temperature management is critical to successful maintenance of fruit quality during RA or CA fruit storage (Sommer. and Botrytis cinerea (Ippolito et al., 2000; Chand-Goyal and Spotts, 1997;.

2004;Kanamaru et al. 2006). Sea Buckthorn fruits contain many hydrophilic and lipophilic bioactive components, the berry oil or powder or juice being considered functional foods due to their rich.

The Brazilian dried pepper agribusiness has the familiar farmers in Turuçu (RS) area as one of its important producers. However, due to the lack of appropriated technological development and low.

Leaf juice encompasses anti-inflammatory, antitumor, antistress, antioxidant, mind-boosting, immune-enhancing, and rejuvenating properties [19]. Interestingly, in the case of biological.

The oral bioavailability of a compound could result of three different processes: i) the release of the compound from the food matrix into digestive juice in the gastrointestinal tract, known as.

In this work, multifunctional micro-/nano-structured MnO2 spheres were developed and applied in the. It has also been used to pre-concentrate naturally occurring radioisotopes of Pb, Bi, Ra, Pa, Th.

1986; Nilson et al., 1988]. Incubation in vitro of fructooligosaccharides extracted from Jerusalem artichokes or various cereals with rat pancreatic homogenate or human gastric juice has shown the.

2000; Chand-Goyal and Spotts, 1997. reduction of fungal pathogens may be more important in connection with produce destined to be further processed as juice rather than sold as fresh-cut.

Sugarcane fibres are long plant fibres, like hemp, flax, and bamboo Sugarcane bagasse is the leftover after crushing of the stalk to extract the sugarcane juice from which sugar. wear behaviour of.

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Bacterial antagonists, particularly the strain 5B4, multiplied and rapidly used carbohydrates in strawberry fruit juice despite the low pH (pH. Chalutz et al. 1988; Chand-Goyal and Spotts 1996;.

In the absence of the antagonist, higher in vitro germination percentages of P. italicum conidia were recorded in the presence than in the absence of orange juice (Table 2). AGG 577. As a.

As lower-grade or unfit apples are usually used for juice or cider processing, the removal of rotten or damaged apples prior to pressing is strongly recommended by the FAO in order to reduce the.

Tannic acid is used as an additional carbon source along with the solid substrate for better tannase production, while concentration of 1-12% is well suited for maximum production (Seth and Chand,

It is assumed that the spontaneous closure of fistula occurs probably within a couple of days, but the spontaneous closure can be disturbed by delayed gastric emptying, slow recovery of the wounded.

1997). It was also clearly demonstrated that high concentrations of the sweetener Ra administered in the diet of rats over 90 days were not associated with any signs of toxicity [9]. On the.

1996 ). Immobilized enzyme-based columns may become blocked and/or act as filters when natural fruit juice is continuously circulated. rent buffer solutions, ionic strengths and temperatures.

The beverage preload contained apple juice and grape juice (200 kcal of each), and 150 g of water. Soluble fiber was added to the grape juice in an amount equal to that of the solid preload. Table 1:.